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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      conduct v., to hold, to take place, to behave; n., one's behavior

a.     Interviews were conducted over a period of three weeks.

b.     The trainees' conduct during training was unacceptable; something must be done.


2.      generate v., to create, to produce

a.     The new training program generated a lot of interest among employees.

b.     The job fair at the college campus should generate interest in our company.


3.      hire v., to employ, to offer a job or position; n., an employee

a.     She was hired after her third interview.

b.     The new hire has integrated well with his colleagues.


4.      keep up with v., to stay equal with

a.     The workers were told that they must keep up with the changes or they would find themselves without jobs.

b.     Employees are encouraged to take courses in order to keep up with new developments.


5.      look up to v., to admire, to think highly of

a.     Staff members looked up to the director because he had earned their respect over the years.

b.     There are few people in this world that I look up to as much as I look up to you.


6.      mentor n., a person who guides and instructs, a resource

a.     The mentor helped her make some decisions about combining career and family.

b.     One problem with many programs is that the mentors don't feel invested in the progress of the employees with whom they are working.


7.      on track adj., on schedule; focused

a.     If we stay on track, the meeting should be finished at 9:30.

b.     You have a lot of work; if you can't stay on track, let me know immediately.


8.      reject v., to turn down; to say no, to not accept

a.     Even though Mr. Lukin rejected their offer, they remained in contact.

b.     Ms. Gauchet rejected the offer because they could not offer her the salary that she requested.


9.      set up v., to establish, to arrange; adj., established, arranged

a.     Set up a time and place for the meeting and then inform everyone who is involved.

b.     Check with your supervisor to make sure that your office is ail set up before you begin work.


10.     success n., an accomplishment; reaching a goal

a.     The director's success came after years of hiring the right people at the right time.

b.     When the manager won an award, he attributed his success to his col­leagues.


11.     training n., the preparation or education for a specific job

a.     The new hire received such good training that, within a week, she was as productive as the other workers.

b.     The training is designed to prepare ail workers, new and old, for the changes that the company will face.


12.     update v., to make current; n., the latest information

a.     The personnel officer updated the employees on the latest personnel changes.

b.     Our latest update shows that business is down 15 percent.

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