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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] I understand that we may be able to get out of our unfortunate situation.

[W] Yes, under certain conditions, a clause in your contract may not be valid.

[M] I just don't want to be subjected to any lawsuit.


[W] According to all the indicators, now is the time to buy.

[M] Are you sure that you want to make such a large commitment now? You seem apprehensive.

[W] If we don't buy now, interest rates may start to fluctuate.


[W] Under the circumstances, the company isn't currently in a position to make a decision.

[M] But if we don't sign this lease now, someone else will take the property.

[W] We simply can't lock ourselves into a lease when the future is so uncertain.


[M] As of the first of the year, we will take occupancy of the first and second floors.

[W] I understand that we also have first option on the third floor.

[M] That was due to great negotiating by our real estate team.


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