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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Welcome to the Palm Garden Hotel chain. As a hotel employee, many opportunities await you. You may be starting out as housekeepers, but any one of you could advance to manager as you gain experience. Our goal at the Palm Garden Hotels is to provide the highest level of service possible. Our customers pay high rates to stay at our hotels, and they expect an advanced level of service in return. This goal, quite naturally, precludes anything but a professional attitude on the part of our employees. We expect the highest level of service from all of you. Now, we are ready to start our tour of the hotel. We′ll begin right next door in the dining room, then move on to the kitchen. This way, please.

1. Where will the speaker take the listeners?
A. To the dining room.
B. To the front door.
C. To the service entrance.
D. To the tour office.
2. Who is the speaker addressing?
A. Regular hotel customers.
B. Experienced hotel managers.
C. New hotel employees.
D. Hotel chain owners.
3. What is the goal of the hotel chain?
A. To hire more employees.
B. To provide the best service.
C. To charge higher rates.
D. To get more customers.
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