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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

permitted authorization identification pertinent designated mission results admitting procedures usually escort statement


1. Hospitals have a   to provide patients with high-quality medical care. Everyone on staff will make sure that you get the best possible treatment for your condition.
When you arrive at the hospital, you should have with you ail the   information needed to be admitted, like your insurance information and copies of X-rays and other test  , even if they were taken at another facility. Bring your insurance card and any referral or   form from your doctor. You should also have some form of   with a photo. You will also need to sign an agreement regarding treatment consent.
Once you arrive, there is usually a concierge who will assist you with the   process. Many elective surgeries and other   are   done on the same day. Usually a hospital staff member will   you to the exit and make sure you get into the car safely. After you leave the hospital, you will receive a   from the hospital for the charges your insurer does not cover. Your insurance policy will outline any amount for which you may be responsible.
You will find that smoking is not   in any hospital building. Often, hospitals have   smoking areas outside for patients, families, and staff who wish to smoke.

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