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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] Your mother needs a surgical procedure to treat her condition,

[W]  Will she need to be admitted for an overnight hospital stay?

[M]  Not at all. We usually perform this type of surgery on an outpatient basis.


[M]  I'm not at all happy with the care my wife received here. Is there someone designated to handle our problem?

[W]  Our mission is to deliver complete satisfaction. What was your problem?

[M]  The hospital identified my wife incorrectly in the computer system. Now all of her records are mixed up.


[M]  When you come to the hospital next week, please bring all your pertinent insurance records with you.

[W]  I know I need an authorization number from my health plan.

[M]  We'll need that number for all your billing statements.


[M]  Your final set of test results looks perfect. You are all set to go home.

[W]  Am I permitted to check out now?

[M]  Yes. I'll call an orderly to escort you to your waiting family.


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