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Read the passages and choose the correct answer:

Western Train Adventure

This comprehensive travel package includes round-trip train fare with sleeping car accommodations, deluxe hotel accommodations and meals at all overnight stops, and guided tours of selected cities along the way. In addition, your train ticket entitles you to three meals a day in the dining car or snack car while on board the train. We will travel through some remote areas with spectacular scenery. Every morning, a professional guide will provide information about the geology, natural history, and flora and fauna native to the areas we will travel through. You can spend the remainder of the day relaxing in your seat, chatting with your fellow passengers, or viewing movies. They will be shown twice a day in the lounge car, following lunch and dinner. An optional boat excursion to Victoria Island will be available at the western end of the trip for an extra fee. This special excursion is two days in duration and must be reserved and paid for two weeks prior to the trip departure date. The following trip departure dates are available:

 June 7

June 28

July 21

August 8

 See your travel agent for reservations, or visit our web site at www.trainadventures.com.

1. Who is this information for?
A. Business travelers.
B. Vacationers.
C. Travel agents.
D. Tour guides.

2. Where can passengers watch movies?
A. In the lounge car.
B. In the snack car.
C. In the dining car.
D. In the sleeping car.

3. What is not included in the price of the travel package?
A. Guided tours.
B. Hotel accommodations.
C. A trip to an island.
D. Meals.

4. The word “comprehensive” is closest in meaning to ................
A. popular
B. inclusive
C. selected
D. reserved

5. The word “entitles” is closest in meaning to ................
A. reminds
B. qualifies
C. expects
D. suggest
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