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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

W According to the directory, the next train to New York leaves at ten. Do you think it′ll leave punctually?
M I think so. The trains have to operate on time or people won′t want to ride them. I see here that the ten o′clock train arrives in New York at 1:30. That′s a relatively short trip.
W But it′s long enough for me to get hungry. Let′s buy some snacks now so we′ll have something to eat on the trip.
M There′s no time. It′s almost ten now, and we have to buy our tickets before we get on the train, or we′ll pay a higher fare on board.

1. How long will their train ride be?
A. Thirty hours.
B. Five hours.
C. Three and a half hours.
D. Ten hours.
2. What will they do now?
A. Eat some snacks.
B. Buy their train tickets.
C. Buy something to read.
D. Get on the train.
3. What are the speakers discussing?
A. The directions to the train station.
B. The time the train leaves.
C. The comfort of the train ride.
D. The operator of the train.
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