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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

I strongly urge you to read the manual before attempting to run this software program. You may be tempted to ignore this advice. But I′m warning you all: it is not likely that you will be able to figure out this program on your own. This is especially important for owners of our competitors′ products that aren′t compatible with this
program. Your computer could crash or shut down without warning. In fact, when
you start working with this program, make sure you have duplicate files so, in
case of system failure, you will not lose your work. Remember, if your system
fails, all your files could be deleted. But if you have duplicated the files
onto a CD, you will have no trouble accessing them when you need them.

1. What problems could users face?
A. Their manuals could be inaccurate.
B. Their warranties could be invalidated.
C. Their computers could shut down without warning.
D. Their warning systems could malfunction.
2. What does the speaker suggest that listeners do?
A. Buy his software.
B. Figure out the program by tinkering with it.
C. Consult the competitor's manual to check for compatibility.
D. Read the manual.
3. What does the speaker recommend doing with files?
A. Accessing them.
B. Reading them.
C. Deleting them.
D. Copying them.
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