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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

M I can′t figure this out. When I tried to access my e-mail program, the monitor went black.
W It sounds like there′s a problem with the display.
M Let me shut down the computer and then try one more time.
W If that fails to work, you should call in a repairperson right away. You shouldn′t ignore a problem like this.

1. What will the man do now?
A. Wait some more time.
B. Get a new monitor.
C. Turn off the computer.
D. Use a different program.
2. What happens when the man tries to access his e-mail?
A. He hears a beeping noise.
B. The computer shuts down.
C. The screen turns black.
D. A warning appears on the screen.
3. What does the woman suggest doing?
A. Taking the computer back to the store.
B. Working harder.
C. Calling someone to fix the computer.
D. Ignoring the problem.
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