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Questions below refer to the following note.


I have decided to get a new computer for my home office, and I need your advice to help me select the right one. I have allocated a certain amount of money from my budget for this. I think it is enough for a completely new system including computer, monitor, printer, and scanner. I would like to continue using the software I already use, so I need a system that is compatible with my current system and software. However, I think I should get a different brand. I have had nothing but trouble with the computer I have now. It often shuts down without warning, and sometimes I can't access my files. I haven't been able to figure out the reason for these problems, and no one has been able to fix it for me.

I plan to go to some stores this Saturday and Sunday to search for my new computer. Would you be able to go with me? If not, I'll call you before the weekend to get your advice. I have a big project coming up next month, so I would like to get my new computer up and running soon. Let me know if you can help me this weekend.


1. What does Janet want Jim to help her with?
A. Choosing a new computer.
B. Repairing her computer.
C. Finding money to buy a computer.
D. Accessing her files.

2. What does Janet plan to do this weekend?
A. Look for a new computer.
B. Go on a date with Jim.
C. Figure out the reason for her problems.
D. Call Jim.

3. When will Janet′s big project begin?
A. Before the weekend.
B. Saturday.
C. Next month.
D. Sunday.

4. The word “allocated” is closest in meaning to ................
A. earned
B. designated
C. borrowed
D. removed

5. The word “access” is closest in meaning to ................
A. close
B. Open
C. save
D. write
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