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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

To: All Office Staff
From: IT Department
Re: Avoiding Computer Problems

We are here to help you with any problems you may have with your computer. Please make our job easier by observing the following guidelines.
• If you have problems seeing the (1)............... check to make sure that your monitor is turned on.
• If your computer crashes, write down any warning message that appears. We can (2)............... a problem more easily if we have this information.
• Please do not install any new software without our approval. Some software is not compatible with what is already on the computer and can cause problems.
• Some parts of the company web site are (3)............... without a password. If you need a password, please let us know and we will assign you one.

A. display
B. keyboard
C. printer
D. controls

A. to figure out
B. will figure out
C. figures out
D. figure out

A. accessing
B. accesses
C. accessible
D. inaccessible
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