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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] If you are willing to be flexible about your excursion, I can get you a lower airfare.

[W] We have to reach our destination by noon on Sunday.

[M] I didn't realize your situation was so structured.


[M] The airfares to Hong Kong are too expensive.

[W] Let's look for a more economical fare for you.

[M]    I will really need a substantial discount to make my trip possible.


[M]    Here are some brochures on the prospective vacations you mentioned on the phone.

[W] I've seen so many travel brochures, I can't distinguish one from another.

[M]    You need a travel agent who is used to dealing with holiday excursions.


[M] I'm extending my stay by two days, so I need you to change my plane reservations.

[W] Unfortunately, our system of pricing fares does not allow me to put you on another flight without a surcharge.

[M] I was hoping to get a fare equivalent to the one I've already paid for.

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