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situation deal with excursion substantial prospective destination extending equivalent expensive economical indistinguishable system


1. If you travel, you most likely will have to   flying. Flying is the quickest, most convenient means of travel between countries, and often between different parts of one country. Flying is  , but when all costs are taken into account for traveling any   distance, air travel is usually less expensive than driving by car. it is also the most   way to go in terms of time. You′ll miss the scenery en route, but you′ll have more time at your vacation   with air travel.
Airlines sell seats at a variety of prices under a   of requirements and restrictions. Full-fare tickets are the most expensive, but give you the most flexibility in terms of making changes. A   traveler can buy a ticket up to takeoff time as long as a seat is available.
Fares change rapidly, and even travel experts find it difficult to keep up. The changing   is due to many factors, including increased competition. As a general rule, the less you pay for the ticket, the more restrictions you can expect. If you are trying to save money, look for   fares. These are the airline′s   of a special sale. Most excursion fares are for round-trip travel and have strict regulations and a minimum and maximum length of stay, so don′t count on   your vacation or staying less time than required. However, once you are on the plane, you are   from passengers who paid higher fares.

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