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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

anxious systematic examining logical responsible researched ascertain experiments decade supervisor assume solve


1. Michael was worried about his promotion. He needn′t have been   though. He had worked in the Product Development Division for nine and a half years, almost a  . He knew the department inside out.
Now, however, he would be the director. As a member of the department, he had only to do what his   told him. As the director, he would be the person   for the success of his department. Fears are not always  ; in fact, they are often illogical.
As his first task, he decided to conduct a   analysis of the steps required to develop new products, and to organize the tasks into a logical order. The first step in developing new products would be to   what kind of products the market needed and what problems existed with the products currently being used.
The second task would be to find out how best to examine these problems and determine what kind of research would be needed to   the problems. It would be better to say, reexamine these problems, since most of these unsolved problems had been thoroughly   over the years.
The third task would be to look at the quality and characteristics of the competition′s products. By   the competition′s products, he would know where he should improve. And the final task would be to decide how to gather the most substantial information from the fewest number of  . Michael smiled and sat back to read over his list. Confident that he had a good team and a good plan, he felt ready to   his new job.

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