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Read the following conversations and see how the new is used.


[M]  How did your team ascertain that the market needed another stuffed toy?

[W] Product Development started with the assumption that stuffed toys have a successful history.

[M] Just because they have been popular for the last four or five decades doesn't mean they will last forever.


[M] We need to examine the data for our Binky Doll sales before we decide to modify the original product for a new generation.

[W] Several companies have successfully experimented with modifications, such as bright colors and noise-makers.

[M] Consumers today are anxious about inflation, so our next modification should be to make the doll cheaper.


[W] Don't you think it's logical to come out with a drug for every mood?

[M]  Logical, perhaps, but not true. Our market research shows people are less likely to take drugs that affect their mood.

[W] No! You mean people are going to take responsibility for their own moods?


[W] Once our researchers  solve the problem with the electronic circuit, we'll be ready to test-market our new VCRs.

[M]  If they'd taken a more systematic approach to the problem, the VCRs would be on the market by now.

[W] Don't tell me. Tell their supervisor.



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