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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

W We need to examine the data for our Binky doll sales before we decide how to modify it.
M Several companies have successfully experimented with modifications such as bright colors and noisemakers.
W Consumers today are anxious about inflation so our next modification should be to make the doll cheaper. I think if we lower the price by fifteen percent, we can increase sales by thirty percent or more.
M Maybe so, but you can′t just assume those figures. You need to do some systematic price and sales research first.

1. How much does the woman think that sales will increase?
A. 15 percent.
B. 40 percent.
C. 30 percent.
D. 13 percent.
2. What does the man suggest that the woman do?
A. Research prices and sales.
B. Give the doll a new figure.
C. Search for a bigger doll.
D. Hire more salespeople.
3. What does the woman want to do with the doll?
A. Make it less expensive.
B. Add a noisemaker.
C. Change its color.
D. Examine it.
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