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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

concentrate lobby move up inconsiderate disruptive open to collaboration opting scrutinized conducive hampered adjacent


1. The layout of any office has an important influence on the atmosphere and operations in the company. The shipping department most likely will not be located next to the customer service department. The noise would be too  . Likewise, locating a kitchen   to the   would be   for office visitors and clients. The marketing department is often situated close to the sales department due to their necessary  .
Employee productivity may be   or improved by the arrangement of workers and departments. Employees vie for corner offices as they   the corporate ladder. They want to be accessible to top management, but not so close that everything that they do is  . At the same time, many companies are   for open work spaces versus traditional offices. Open spaces are more   to team projects, where employees interact freely. However, some employees feel that such an environment makes it difficult to  . Employees know under which conditions they work the best. If employers are willing to listen and are   suggestions, they can take advantage of office space and help employees to realize their full potential.

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