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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

W Alexa is developing a business plan. I told her you might be able to help her with the market research. M I′d be happy to offer to help with that. I′m very proud of her. Going into business for yourself can be risky but very rewarding. W I know she is very serious about careful planning to avoid making obvious mistakes. M Yes, she has the right approach. The most important strategy for success is to start with a sound business plan.

1. How do the speakers feel about Alexa′s business plan?
A. She has taken on too much risk.
B. She has made many obvious mistakes.
C. She has gathered too much data.
D. She is serious-minded and cautious.
2. How will the man help Alexa?
A. By doing market research.
B. By searching for an office.
C. By pointing out her mistakes.
D. By nominating her for an award.
3. According to the man, what is the most important strategy for success?
A. Having a good business plan.
B. Eliminating all risk.
C. Studying the market.
D. Investing in a good sound system.
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