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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Sentence building

Write complete sentences from words/phrases given:
It allows us to get rid of tenseness, anxiety and frustration

1. It / allow us / get rid / tenseness, anxiety / frustration.

It is difficult to get in touch with the manager of the company

2. Difficult/ get/ touch/ manager/ company.

When I bought the house, my sister helped me with a loan/When I bought my house, my sister helped me with a loan

3. When/ I/ bought/ house/ sister/ help/ with/ loan.

You had better learn these poems by heart

4. You / better learn / these / poem / heart.

Jack London was a famous American writer

5. Jack London / famous / American writer.

The noise of the traffic prevented me from going to sleep

6. The noise / the traffic/ prevented /me/ go to sleep/

Later, he returned to school where he did not stay long.

7. Later/ he/ return/ school/ he/ not/ stay/ long.

Do not translate words for words /Do not translate words by words

8. Don′t translate / words / words.

We went on holiday in Sam Son last summer/ We spent our holiday in Sam Son last summer

9. We / holiday / in Sam Son / last summer.

He wants me to lend him some money

10. He / want / me / lend / money.

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