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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. An error on my part that I could not manage to deliver the goods on time.
A. An error
B. that
C. could not
D. on
Explain: It was an error

2. It is necessary to make sure that the level of the book is neither too easy or too difficult for you.
A. necessary
B. that
C. neither
D. or
Explain: nor

3. He stopped to smoke because cigarettes are harmful to his health.
A. to smoke
B. are
C. to
D. health
Explain: smoking

4. Letters are to sent to the leaders of charitable organizations.
A. are
B. to sent
C. of
D. charitable
Explain: to be sent

5. The students were interesting in taking a trip to the National History Museum.
A. were
B. interesting
C. in
D. National
Explain: interested

6. The bank lent us money for a down payment, so now we owned the house we used to rent.
A. lent
B. for a down payment
C. owned
D. used to rent
Explain: own

7. The girl is enough clever to solve the math problem quickly.
A. The
B. enough clever
C. solve
D. quickly
Explain: clever enough

8. A great many athletes have managed to overcome seriously physical handicaps.
A. A great
B. athletes
C. seriously
D. handicaps
Explain: serious

9. It was until almost thirsty years after his death that a plaque in memory of Dylan Thomas was placed in Westminster Abbey.
A. was until
B. that
C. in
D. was placed
Explain: was not until

10. Just because I don’t complaint, people think I’m satisfied.
A. Just because
B. complaint
C. think
D. satisfied
Explain: complain
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