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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. If you listen to the questions carefully, you would answer them easily.
A. to
B. carefully
C. would answer
D. easily
Explain: will answer

2. In a large university, one will almost always be able to find a friend who speaks your language.
A. In
B. always
C. be able to
D. your
Explain: one ′s

3. Modernize labor-saving devices such as washing machines and dishwashers are popular in Vietnamese households nowadays.
A. Modernize
B. are
C. popular in
D. households
Explain: Modern

4. The president went fishing after he has finished his work.
A. The
B. fishing
C. after
D. has finished
Explain: had finished

5. Up till now my sister has flown to various countries and has visited many interested places in the world.
A. Up till now
B. has flown
C. has visited
D. interested places
Explain: interesting places

6. Development socialization is the process of learning behavior in a social institution or developing your social skills.
A. Development
B. learning
C. in
D. developing
Explain: Developmental

7. The golden water buffalo – Trau Vang – was chosen as the image for the 22nd SEA Games in Vietnam.
A. golden water buffalo
B. was chosen
C. image
D. the
Explain: mascot

8. The teacher recommended to read those books before the exam.
A. recommended
B. to read
C. those
D. before
Explain: reading

9. We have concerns about whether the government will be able to provide a good education with poor children.
A. have concerns
B. whether
C. be able to
D. with
Explain: for

10. If you want to be choose for the job, you’ll have to be experienced in the field.
A. want
B. choose
C. ’ll have
D. experienced
Explain: chosen
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