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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. I am exciting about starting college this September.
A. exciting
B. about
C. starting
D. this September
Explain: excited

2. May you try to concentrate on my explanation? I can’t repeat it.
A. May
B. to concentrate
C. on
D. can’t
Explain: Will

3. I think the stadium will full up for the match this Saturday.
A. think
B. will
C. full up
D. this
Explain: be full up

4. Our flight from London to France was delayed as a result of the heavy fog.
A. flight
B. was delayed
C. as a result of
D. heavy
Explain: due to

5. My older sister is not used for staying up late.
A. older
B. is not
C. for
D. staying up
Explain: to

6. I’m afraid I can’t meet you on Sunday as if we have arranged.
A. afraid
B. on
C. as if
D. have arranged
Explain: as

7. ASEAN member countries encourage traveling within the region if they want to promote commerce.
A. traveling
B. within
C. if
D. commerce
Explain: because

8. The student smiled happy when she received the award.
A. smiled
B. happy
C. received
D. the award
Explain: happily

9. She′s a very popular author, although personally I find her books rather bored.
A. popular
B. although
C. personally
D. bored
Explain: boring

10. Some of the people were standing the street watched the parade, while others were singing songs.
A. of the
B. standing
C. watched
D. others
Explain: watching
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