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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. Modern transportation can speed a doctor to the side of a sick person, even if the patient lives on an isolating farm.
A. speed
B. sick person
C. even if
D. isolating farm
Explain: isolated farm

2. He is such a friend person. He greets me with a smile every time I see him.
A. friend
B. greets
C. a smile
D. time
Explain: friendly

3. She is tired with being asked the same thing everyday.
A. is
B. with
C. being
D. asked
Explain: of

4. She can sing very beautiful and dance very gracefully but she cannot do any difficult math exercise.
A. beautiful
B. very
C. any
D. math
Explain: beautifully

5. It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.
A. difficult
B. to sleep
C. having
D. to lie on
Explain: sleeping

6. There are differences and similarities between Vietnamese and American culture.
A. There are
B. similarities
C. Vietnamese
D. culture
Explain: cultures

7. I′d rather to stay at home than go out at weekends.
A. I'd
B. to stay
C. go out
D. weekends
Explain: stay

8. Your literary work is really a great successful.
A. Your
B. literary
C. work
D. successful
Explain: success

9. Many of the peoples in my home village have lived in their village all their lives.
A. Many
B. the peoples
C. have lived
D. all their lives
Explain: people

10. The better you are at English, more chance you have to get a job with international organizations.
A. better
B. are at
C. more chance
D. get a job
Explain: the more chance
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