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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Fill In The Blank Cloze Text

Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:
least or which another for

In these days of high unemployment, it is often difficult   young people to find a job. If they are lucky enough to be asked to go for an interview, they may find that there are at   20 other applicants for the job. If a company is thinking of offering you a job, they will ask you for at least one reference from either your previous employer   someone who knows you well. Before taking up your job, you may have to sign a contract. You will probably have to do some training,   help you to do the job more successfully. Once you have decided that this is your chosen career, you will then have to work hard to try and get promotion, which usually brings more responsibility and more money! If you are unlucky, you may be made redundant, and not be able to find   job. It is also a good idea to pay some money into a pension scheme, which will help you to look after yourself and your family when you are retired. Finally, good luck!

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