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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Fill In The Blank Cloze Text

Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:
two speech which money Second

1. When you hear the word "bank", what do you think of? A place to put  ? The land on the edge of a river? To depend on something or someone? If you choose any of these things, you′re right. Why? Because words often have more than one meaning. The tricky part is figuring out   meaning is appropriate.
Choosing the correct meaning of a word depends on   things. First, it depends on the words and sentences surrounding your particular word. The other words and sentences give you context clues.  , the meaning depends on how the word is used in the sentence. Is it a noun, a verb, an adjective or part of a phrase? Knowing the word′s part of   will help you discover the word′s precise meaning.

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