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Choose the sentence that is suitable or closest in meaning to each of the following questions:

1. If I had enough money, ................
A. I will buy that house
B. I can buy that house
C. I could buy that house
D. I am buy that house

2. Before we can judge a government′s success, we have to decide the criteria, such as unemployment, defense, or taxation.
A. Unemployment, defense and taxation are the criteria upon which we can judge a government's success.
B. We cannot decide on criteria on unemployment, defense and taxation unless we have judged a government's success.
C. We cannot judge a government's success without first deciding the relevant criteria, such as unemployment, defense or taxation.
D. We should judge a government's success on the basis of the following criteria: unemployment, defense and taxation.

3. John′s score on the test is the highest in the class. He ................
A. must have to study well
B. should have studied all the time
C. should study very hard
D. must have studied very hard

4. There were two small rooms in the beach house, ............... served as a kitchen.
A. smallest of that
B. the smaller of which
C. the smaller of them
D. the smallest of which

5. “Open your book!” the reported speech is:
A. I told him to open his book.
B. I told him to open your book.
C. I told him opening his book.
D. I told him open his book.

6. "You should have finished the report by now," John told his secretary.
A. John scolded his secretary for not having finished the report.
B. John said that his secretary had not finished the report.
C. John reminded his secretary of finishing the report on time.
D. John reproached his secretary for not having finished the report.

7. The Vietnamese students have to take an entrance exam ................
A. so as go to a college or university
B. for going to a college and university
C. in order that they should go to a college or university
D. so that they can go to a college or university

8. Slightly more than twenty-five percent of the students in the class come from Spanish-speaking countries.
A. A small minority of the students in the class are Hispanic.
B. The percentage of the students speaking Spanish fell by twenty-five percent.
C. A considerable proportion of the students in the class are Spanish.
D. Seventy-five percent of the students in the class speak Spanish.

9. It is English pronunciation that puzzles me most.
A. I was not quick at English pronunciation at school.
B. English pronunciation is difficult for me.
C. Pronouncing English words is not complicated.
D. Puzzling me most is how to pronounce English.

10. The critics undervalued his new book.
A. The critics rejected his new book.
B. The critics turned down his new book.
C. The critics had a low opinion of his new book.
D. The critics were fed up with his new book.
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