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Choose the sentence that is suitable or closest in meaning to each of the following questions:

1. May I borrow your newspaper?
A. Would you mind borrowing me your newspaper?
B. Would you mind lend me your newspaper?
C. Would you mind lending me your newspaper?
D. Would you mind giving me your newspaper?

2. Unless someone has a key, we cannot get into the house.
A. If someone did not have a key, we could not get into the house.
B. We can only get into the house if someone has a key.
C. We could not get into the house if someone had a key.
D. If someone does not have a key, we can only get into the house.

3. How do people learn languages?
A. How are languages learned by people?
B. How are languages learned?
C. How languages are learned?
D. Languages are learned how?

4. He is not old enough to do the volunteer work.
A. He can't do the volunteer work because of his old age.
B. His youngster prevents him from doing the volunteer work.
C. He is too young to do the volunteer work.
D. He is very young that he can't do the volunteer work.

5. man/ sentence/ 15 years/ prison/ he/ prove/ guilty
A. The man will get a sentence for himself to15 years in prison if he proves himself guilty.
B. The man was sentenced about 15 years in prison and proved himself guilty.
C. The man was sentenced to 15 years in prison because he had been proved guilty.
D. The man should make his final sentence after 15 years in prison as he proved himself guilty.

6. George is a better mechanic than Arthur.
A. Arthur is worse than George at being a mechanic.
B. Arthur is not better mechanic than George.
C. Arthur is not better than George at being a mechanic.
D. Arthur is not such a good mechanic as George.

7. "Would you like some more beer?" he asked.
A. He asked me if I wanted some beer.
B. He asked me would I like some more beer.
C. He wanted to invite me for a glass of beer.
D. He offered me some more beer.

8. “They are playing soccer now.” The passive voice is: ................
A. Soccer are being played now
B. Soccer is being played now
C. Soccer is played now
D. Soccer is be played now

9. The teacher did not allow the class to leave before 4:30.
A. The teacher made the class not leave until after 4:30.
B. The teacher made the class leave after 4:30.
C. The teacher made the class to stay until after 4:30.
D. The teacher made the class stay until after 4:30.

10. “No parking” means:
A. You can't go to the park here.
B. You are not allowed to park your car here.
C. There's not enough space for parking here.
D. There is no park here.
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