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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. My sister do the housework to help Mom.
A. My
B. do
C. housework
D. to help
Explain: does

2. Learning English is very useful. Peter and Mary have learned it since at least 10 years
A. Learning English
B. useful
C. have learned
D. since
Explain: for

3. I cannot cook as well as she can. She is a good cooker.
A. cannot
B. well
C. she can
D. cooker
Explain: cook

4. If you want to sell your car, why not put an advertise in the daily paper?
A. want
B. not put
C. advertise
D. in
Explain: advertisement

5. Is your school in the country and in the city?
A. Is
B. your school
C. in
D. and
Explain: or

6. At half past seven, I has lunch.
A. At
B. half
C. past
D. has
Explain: have

7. You can′t park in the “No parking” sign.
A. can't
B. park
C. in
D. sign
Explain: at

8. Vicky, who job involves a lot of traveling, is away from home a lot.
A. who
B. a lot of
C. away from
D. a lot
Explain: whose

9. Liz spent such an enjoying day in Daniella’s home village that she plans to return to the village some days.
A. an enjoying day
B. that she
C. to return to
D. some days