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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. The children who shouted in the street is not from our school.
A. who
B. in
C. is
D. from
Explain: are

2. She don′t know why they canceled the meeting last month.
A. don't
B. why
C. canceled
D. meeting
Explain: doesn′t

3. The student smiled happy when she received the award.
A. smiled
B. happy
C. received
D. the award
Explain: happily

4. How do you spell this word?’ I’m not sure. You’d better look it over in your dictionary.
A. How
B. this word
C. look
D. over
Explain: up

5. The situation is serious. Something must been done before it’s too late.
A. serious
B. must been done
C. before
D. too
Explain: must be done

6. The school which has seven hundreds students had the best exam results in the country last year.
A. which
B. hundreds
C. had
D. in
Explain: hundred

7. The magazines I read on the plane was interesting.
A. I read
B. on
C. the plane
D. was
Explain: were

8. Teddy would rather stay home and read than going out on Saturday night.
A. stay home
B. than
C. going out
D. on
Explain: go out

9. What are you doing? - I am driving my bike.
A. What
B. doing
C. driving
D. bike
Explain: riding

10. The box is too heavy for me to lift it by itself.
A. too heavy
B. for me
C. to lift
D. by itself
Explain: by myself
Score: 0/10
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