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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. What color are her hair?
A. What
B. color
C. are
D. hair
Explain: is

2. Why are these Asian animals at danger?
A. Why
B. are
C. Asian
D. at
Explain: in

3. It’s very difficult to prevent people from litter up the city with waste materials.
A. difficult
B. to prevent
C. litter
D. with waste materials
Explain: littering

4. We didn’t want to wake anybody up although we came in very quietly.
A. wake
B. up
C. although
D. quietly
Explain: since

5. Hoa likes to read so she begin to borrow books from the library.
A. likes
B. begin
C. borrow
D. from
Explain: begins

6. If you have no further questions, I′d like to going on to the next part of my talk.
A. no
B. further
C. like
D. going on
Explain: go on

7. Will you be free at Sunday evening?
A. Will
B. be
C. at
D. evening
Explain: on

8. You will have many chance to see your idol if you join the club.
A. many chance
B. to see
C. if
D. join
Explain: many chances

9. It rained continuously for the 2 days. Perhap there is a storm somewhere.
A. rained
B. continuously
C. Perhap
D. is
Explain: Perhaps

10. Students study maps and learns about different countries.
A. study
B. and
C. learns
D. different
Explain: learn
Score: 0/10
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