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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. Good friends never judged you. They appreciate you for being you.
A. judged
B. appreciate
C. for
D. being
Explain: judge

2. Are her lips heavy or thin?
A. Are
B. heavy
C. or
D. thin
Explain: full

3. You looked very busy when I see you last night. What were you doing?
A. when
B. see
C. What
D. were you doing
Explain: saw

4. When it is cold, they usually plays badminton.
A. When
B. cold
C. usually
D. plays
Explain: play

5. If you want to look her off, just go to the station.
A. want
B. look
C. off
D. go to
Explain: see

6. Would you be enough kind to hold the door open?
A. Would
B. be
C. enough kind
D. open
Explain: kind enough

7. She drinks fewer than her brother.
A. drinks
B. fewer
C. her
D. brother
Explain: less

8. Will you please bring me the book in the table?
A. you
B. bring
C. the
D. in
Explain: on

9. Which is your favorite food?
A. Which
B. is
C. favorite
D. food
Explain: What

10. We always plays skiing in winter.
A. We
B. plays
C. skiing
D. in
Explain: play
Score: 0/10
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