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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. She wanted to know how long did it take to get there.
A. wanted
B. how long
C. did it take
D. get there
Explain: it took

2. The woman of whom the red car is parked in front of the bank is a famous pop star.
A. of whom
B. is parked
C. front of
D. pop star
Explain: whose

3. I have been working hardly for two weeks and now I feel like a rest.
A. have been working
B. hardly
C. and
D. a rest
Explain: hard

4. Many young people lack skills, good education, and financial to settle in the urban areas where many jobs are found.
A. lack
B. financial
C. urban areas
D. are found
Explain: finance

5. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments.
A. hardly never
B. an
C. to play
D. in
Explain: omit either “hardly” or “never”

6. Her long blond hair and her cute facial expressions made a deep impress on me.
A. blond
B. facial
C. expressions
D. impress
Explain: impression

7. Mai didn′t go to the zoo with her friends last Sunday because her sickness.
A. didn't go
B. her friends
C. because
D. sickness
Explain: because of

8. Many successful film directions are former actors who desire to expand their experience in the film industry.
A. successful film
B. directions
C. former
D. expand
Explain: directors

9. He is such a friend person. He greets me with a smile every time I see him.
A. friend
B. greets
C. a smile
D. time
Explain: friendly

10. The better you are at English, more chance you have to get a job with international organizations.
A. better
B. are at
C. more chance
D. get a job
Explain: the more chance
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