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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Reading Comprehension

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

I used to travel by air a great deal when I was a boy. My parents used to live in South America and I used to fly there from Europe in the holidays. An air-hostess would take charge of me and I never had an unpleasant experience. I am used to traveling by air and only on one occasion have I ever felt frightened. After taking off, we was flying low over the city and slowly gaining height, when the plane suddenly turned round and flew back to the airport. While we were waiting to land, an air-hostess told us to keep calm and to get off the plane quietly as soon as it had touched down. Everybody on board was worried and we were curious to find out what had happened. Later we learnt that there was a very important person on board. The police had been told that a bomb had been planted on the plane. After we had landed, the plane was searched thoroughly. Fortunately, nothing was found and five hours later we were able to take off again.

1. The plane had to return ............... .
A. just before landing
B. the next day
C. shortly after it had taken off
D. a long time after it had taken off

2. The plane had to return because ............... .
A. there was fear of an explosion
B. there was a very important person on board
C. everyone was worried
D. the air-hostess said so

3. I used to travel a great deal when I was a boy. I still ............... a great deal today.
A. use to travel
B. am used to traveling
C. used to travel
D. travel

4. I felt frightened. It was ............... experience.
A. the frightening
B. frightening
C. a frightened
D. one frightening

5. I used to travel by air. I always went on a long ............... .
A. travel
B. trip
C. way
D. distance
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