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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Reading Comprehension

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Before newspapers were invented, town criers would go through city streets ringing a bell. They shouted the latest news as they were walking. Thanks to television, people can get the latest information and enjoy interesting programs in an inexpensive and convenient way. Nowadays, viewers can watch a variety of local and international programs on different channels. The next stage in the development of television is interactive TV. Viewers are able to ask questions about the show by using their remote controls.

1. What was a town crier?
A. a farmer
B. a cook
C. an announcer
D. a vendor

2. What can people get from TV?
A. modern technique
B. latest information
C. money
D. expensive machine

3. How can viewers ask questions about the show?
A. By asking TV.
B. By talking to the operators
C. By using the remote controls
D. By press the channel buttons.
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