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High School Grad Exam --> Exercise --> Gap filling

Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

There are a lot of things you should follow to be a welcome guest in America. When you are (1)............... to have dinner at your friend's house, it's necessary to bring a small present. Flowers are always nice; or you may bring a bottle of (2)............... if you know that your friend likes drinking.
You are expected to arrive for dinner on time or just a few minutes late. Don't get there early. If you are going to be more than fifteen minutes late, you should call and tell them.
Try to relax and enjoy yourself at the dinner table. If you don't know about choosing the (3)............... fork or knife, just watch the other people, and follow them. If you still have no idea of (4)............... to do, ask the person next to you.
When it comes to the food, if you like it, say so. They are looking forward to hearing your compliments. Of course, you will thank them for the meal and for their kindness. It is also a good idea to send a (5)............... note the day after.

A. made
B. forced
C. invited
D. demanded

A. Coke
B. lemonade
C. juice
D. wine

A. right
B. new
C. big
D. main

A. which
B. where
C. what
D. why

A. welcome
B. message
C. goodbye
D. thank−you
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