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Grade 10 Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Rewrite

Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same:
account of the fact that his mother was being there, they said nothing about it/account of his mother's presence, they said nothing about it

1. Now that his mother was being there, they said nothing about it.

You must apply yourself to your work more

2. You must concentrate on your work more (…apply…)

game is being introduced by the teacher

3. The teacher is introducing a new game.
A new

to appreciate such a film

4. He is too young to appreciate such a film.
He is not old enough

It was such a great demand for tickets that people queued day and night

5. The demand for tickets was so great that people queued day and night. (…such…)

we got to the cinema, the film had started

6. The film started before we got to the cinema.
By the time

not been for Mom's help, I could not have held a big party

7. I could hold a big party due to my Mom′s help.
Had it

am going to have my car repaired tomorrow

8. They are going to repair my car tomorrow.

the war ended that he returned to her nature village

9. He didn′t return to her nature village until the war ended.
It was not until

of meeting will have to be changed again

10. They will have to change the date of meeting again.
The date

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