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Choose the sentence that is suitable or closest in meaning to each of the following questions:

1. Before we can judge a government′s success, we have to decide the criteria, such as unemployment, defense, or taxation.
A. We cannot decide on criteria on unemployment, defense and taxation unless we have judged a government's success.
B. We should judge a government's success on the basis of the following criteria: unemployment, defense and taxation.
C. We cannot judge a government's success without first deciding the relevant criteria, such as unemployment, defense or taxation.
D. Unemployment, defense and taxation are the criteria upon which we can judge a government's success.

2. Jill drives more carefully than Rose.
A. Jill is a more careful driver than Rose.
B. Rose drives carelessly than Rose.
C. Jill is a more carefully driver than Rose.
D. Rose drives less careful than Rose.

3. I used to go to the cinema on Saturdays.
A. I didn't go to the cinema on Saturdays.
B. I usually go to the cinema on Saturdays.
C. I got used to going to the cinema on Saturdays.
D. I usually went to the cinema on Saturdays.

4. You feel unhealthy because you don′t take any exercise.
A. If you take more exercise, you will feel healthier.
B. If you don't take any exercise, you will feel unhealthy.
C. If you took more exercise, you would feel healthier.
D. If you were healthier, you would take more exercise.

5. “Please let me borrow your bike,“ he said to her.
A. He asked her to let him borrow her bike.
B. He asked her to borrow your bike.
C. He asked her whether she would let him borrow her bike.
D. He asked her if she could let him borrow her bike.

6. He took his seat quietly ................
A. so as not to disturb their conversation
B. in order not disturb their conversation
C. in order for him not to disturb their conversation
D. so as to disturb their conversation

7. Someone knocked on the door during my lunchtime.
A. When I had had lunch, someone knocked on the door.
B. I was having lunch when someone knocked on the door.
C. I was having lunch when someone was knocking on the door.
D. I had lunch when someone knocked on the door.

8. The children couldn′t go swimming because the sea was too rough.
A. The children were not calm enough to swim in the sea.
B. The sea was rough enough for the children to swim in.
C. The sea was too rough to the children's swimming.
D. The sea was too rough for the children to go swimming.

9. I can′t help feeling worried about Tom.
A. I don't worry about Tom.
B. I can do nothing to help Tom.
C. I cannot help Tom stop worrying.
D. I find it impossible not to worry about Tom.

10. David drove so fast; it was very dangerous.
A. David drove so fast, then was very dangerous.
B. David drove so fast that was very dangerous.
C. David drove so fast and was very dangerous.
D. David drove so fast, which was very dangerous.
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