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University Entrance Exam --> Exercise --> Error recognition

Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. The better you are at English, more chance you have to get a job with international organizations.
A. better
B. are at
C. more chance
D. get a job
Explain: the more chance

2. Mr. Smith is going to buy a new Japanese car, doesn′t he?
A. Mr. Smith
B. to buy
C. new Japanese
D. doesn't he
Explain: isn′t he

3. The result of that test must be inform before August.
A. result
B. must be
C. inform
D. before
Explain: informed

4. Among us students are many foreigners who attend languages classes at the south campus.
A. Among us
B. many foreigners
C. languages
D. at
Explain: language

5. There are also many single mothers and single fathers which are raising children by themselves.
A. are
B. many
C. which
D. by
Explain: who

6. There′s a new Oriental restaurant in town, isn′t it?
A. a
B. new
C. in town
D. isn't it
Explain: isn′t there

7. She brought a lot of money with her so that she needed buy some duty-free goods.
A. brought
B. with
C. needed buy
D. duty-free goods
Explain: could buy

8. I′d rather to stay at home than go out at weekends.
A. I'd
B. to stay
C. go out
D. weekends
Explain: stay

9. His interestingness in such a book really surprised me.
A. His
B. interestingness
C. book
D. surprised
Explain: interest

10. My younger brother has worked in a bank since a long time.
A. younger
B. has
C. a
D. since
Explain: for
Score: 0/10
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