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Read the passage and choose the one best answer to each question.

The hippopotamus is the third largest land animal, smaller only than the elephant and the rhinoceros. Its name comes from two Greek words which mean "river horse." The long name of this animal is often shortened to the easier to handle term "hippo."

The hippo has a natural affinity for the water. It does not float on top of the water; instead, it can easily walk along the bottom of a body of water. The hippo commonly remains underwater for three to five minutes and has been known to stay under for up to half an hour before coming up for air.

In spite of its name, the hippo has relatively little in common with the horse and instead has a number of interesting similarities in common with the whale. When a hippo comes up after a stay at the bottom of a lake or river, it releases air through a blowhole, just like a whale. In addition, the hippo resembles the whale in that they both have thick layers of blubber for protection and they are almost completely hairless.

1. The topic of this passage is ................
A. the relation between the hippo and the whale
B. the largest land animals
C. the derivations of animal names
D. the characteristics of the hippo

2. It can be inferred from the passage that the rhinoceros is ................
A. one of the two largest types of land animals
B. smaller than the hippo
C. a hybrid of the hippo and the elephant
D. equal in size to the elephant
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