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I wanted to talk a little bit about language acquisition. As you all probably know, learning a new language is a process that is not yet completely understood. Linguists examining language acquisition have formulated several theories about it, including one called the transactional model. This model will be our topic for today. Let′s start off by defining it.

OK, so first, the transactional model emphasizes the effect of the language environment on the learner. Right. This is a huge part-let me explain. It means that a learner of a language will be affected by things that he or she is exposed to—different sounds, words, and so on. The most obvious example might be children who learn the same language in different parts of a country. Depending on the environment-in this case, geographical location-they might develop different accents.


The transactional model can also work in the opposite direction, which is my second point. It also states that the learner can manipulate his or her environment. For example, um, one child′s habit of oh, using a certain word or phrase, might be transferred to the other students in the same class, which is the children′s shared environment. Then, soon, all of the students in the class are using this word or phrase, and it becomes habitual behavior in that environment.

1. What is the main topic of the lecture?
A. A theory that linguists use to explain language acquisition
B. Academic fields that have been affected by the transactional model
C. Differences between language acquisition models
D. How the transactional model influences our understanding of the environment
2. What aspect of the transactional model does the professor mainly discuss?
A. How it emphasizes the importance of language acquisition
B. How environment affects language learning
C. How it differs from previous models
D. How its application has been controversial
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