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Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

In Britain, students normally enter University from 18 on-wards and study for an Academic Degree. Apart from a single private university, all undergraduate education in largely state financed and UK students are generally entitled to student loans for maintenance. The state does not control syllabi, but it does influence admission produces.
The typical first degree offered at British universities is the Bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed a first degree are eligible to undertake a postgraduate degree which includes Master’s degree and Doctorate degree. Postgraduate education is not automatically financed by the state, and so admission is in practice highly competitive.
Many institution now offer an undergraduate Master’s degree as first degree, typically lasting four years. During a first degree students are known as undergraduates. The difference in fees between undergraduate and traditional post graduate Master’s degrees makes taking an undergraduate Master’s degree as a first degree a more attractive option, although the novelty of undergraduate Master’s degrees means that the relative educational merit of the two is currently unclear.

1. In Britain, students ............... .
A. all enter the public universities because there are no private ones
B. are normally required to enter University at the exact age of 18
C. are forced to study for an Academic Degree
D. are financed for their education in the public universities

2. The Bachelor’s degree is regarded as ............... .
A. the typical first degree offered at British universities
B. the degree that students can get in the shortest of time
C. the easiest degree that every student can take
D. the degree that students get after their first year at University

3. It’s true, according to the passage, to say that ............... .
A. postgraduate education is the one that is also financed by the government
B. it’s compulsory for students to pursue postgraduate education in Britain
C. students who have Bachelor’s degree are eligible to undertake Master’s degree
D. in Britain, students often take a Doctorate degree as soon as they’ve got a Bachelor’s degree

4. Which statement is not true?
A. During a first degree lasting four years, students are known as undergraduates.
B. An undergraduate Master’s degree is offered as first degree in many institutions in Britain now.
C. There’s a difference in fees between undergraduate and traditional postgraduate Master’s degrees.
D. Taking an undergraduate Master’s degree as a first degree costs more money than taking a traditional postgraduate one.

5. The passage mainly tells about ............... .
A. British higher education including undergraduate education and postgraduate one
B. the difference between British higher education with the others
C. some remarkable changes of higher education in Britain
D. the differences between a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree
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