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descriptions separate released continues combines entertaining attain influence represent dispersement represent range


1. The popularity of the movies began early in the 20th century and   today. People of all ages find movies  . Movies are a worldwide phenomenon, as the internationalism of movie distribution has affected the rapid   of ideas around the globe. One movie can quickly   other movies. But why are movies so popular?
Movies are a kind of storytelling. They try to describe an idea or record an observation about our culture. These   are recorded using moving visual images. Some movies portray the situation accurately and realistically, whereas other movies find visual symbols to   those situations.
On the most simple level, movies are a succession of moving images. These   images are captured on film. Directors film a wide   of shots — long, medium, and close up — to create a visual composition.
The visual images, along with plot, characterization, and sound, produce the desired narrative. The shots are joined together in any number of combinations in a process called editing.
Making a film is a massive, complex, and expensive task that   art and business. Making a movie involves the talents of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of artists, producers, and business people. It can take months, even years, for a film to be   into a movie theater.
Like a novel, a movie is not just a story, but a story told a certain way. A film director may want to make a movie that tells a meaningful story or one that is primarily entertaining, and will use different filming techniques to   that goal. It is impossible to   what is told in a movie from how it is told. A director′s artistic vision can range from improvised to carefully controlled. Think about the complexity of a movie the next time you see one.

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