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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] I can't believe this train is so crowded! We'll be standing for the duration of the trip.

[W] I always thought that buying a fare entitled me to a seat.

[M] They should operate more trains on busy holidays like today.


[M] Take a look at the directory to see exactly what time the next train to New York leaves.

[W] Do you think the trains are punctual?

[M] I would think that operating on time would be the basis of any transportation company.


[M] I would like to take the train to visit my parents, but they live in a remote part of the state.

[W] I sympathize. I wish there were a more comprehensive train system in this country.

[M] Taking a plane is an option and the time saved just might offset the cost of the ticket.


[M] We would like to upgrade our accommodations for the remainder of the trip.

[W] I'm afraid that all the sleeping chambers we have available are relatively the same.

[M] That's a shame. We were hoping to secure a deluxe room.

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