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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

basic random complete forget flavor random judged predict mix up ingredients excite remind


1. The key to a happy meal is that everyone should enjoy eating what they ordered. Before the waiter takes your order, you can ask him for a recommendation or you can select at   from the menu.
Good service is part of the overall enjoyment of the meal. The waiter should make the   feel welcome and comfortable. Good waiters can   what you need, like more water, without having to be asked for it.
It′s easy for a waiter to   something, but you should not have to   a waiter more than once to bring you something. Nor do you want the waiter to   the food orders. You should get what you ordered, and your order should be  .
The quality of the food is the primary way restaurants are  . The food should taste and look wonderful. Your plate of food should   all your senses and be fragrant and colorful. Even the most   or familiar dishes can taste different from restaurant to restaurant. A chef can bring out a distinct   in a dish, depending on the   he or she uses.

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