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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

conform brand enhance inspect repel throws out wrinkle garment brand defects perceive take back


1. Alex is excited about his new job with Parapiuie Rain Wear. As quality control manager, his job is to make sure that his company′s goods   to standardized quality criteria and are free from  . Before any   leaves the factory, Alex must   it. He knows that if he   a damaged garment before a customer sees it, he will   his company′s reputation and increase the demand for their products. Alex must ensure that all products meet certain
criteria: A customer who buys a raincoat that does not   rain will probably   the raincoat to the store and buy another  .The same is true if the seams are not sewn tightly or the color is not  . Alex knows that, in addition to keeping out rain, the product must be attractive to look at and to touch. It should not   easily, and it should last a long time. Alex knows that it is important for customers to   his company′s goods as quality products so that his company will profit and he can get a raise.

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