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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] What does the company do with the clothes with defects in them?

[W] Sometimes the company changes the brand name and sells them in discount stores.

[M]  Don't people who buy them take them back for a refund?


[M] In quality control, it is important to ensure uniform quality.

[W] But some of our best products have defects.

[M] That is why we have to inspect them so carefully.


[M] When the designer garments have defects, we sell them for less in outlet stores.

[W] Some people perceive defects where there aren't any.

[M] That's true, but it is our job to be certain that every piece conforms exactly to the designer's specifications.


[M] A designer label enhances the perceived value of the clothes.

[W] I am repelled by wearing a fancy label, but I like to know that my clothes are top quality.

[M] You save money because you can get so much use out of quality clothes before they wear out and you throw them out.


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