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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

waste periodically adhered to goals brought up priority go ahead matters agenda concluded progress lengthy


1. Committee meetings are a frequent and necessary event at almost every company. In order for meetings to be productive and not viewed as a   of time, they should be run efficiently. Critical to the success of any meeting is the  . Everyone who attends the meeting should be aware of the agenda and be prepared to discuss the   at hand and the   to be accomplished. To avoid   discussions, time frames should be set and  .
The meeting is called to order by the chairperson. Attendance is taken and agenda items are   one by one. In general,   topics should be at the beginning of the agenda, to make sure that the attendees are able to discuss them fully and make timely decisions. Once the   is given for a plan or project, a plan of action is developed. The committee must then   check up on the   of that plan.
The meeting is   without any outstanding issues and a date for the next meeting is set.

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