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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M] I can't believe our sales targets for this month. I don't think I can make that many sales.

[W] I'm surprised at the level of sales activity our man­ager expects from us over the next quarter.

[M]  Especially since we're a new company, and it requires more sales calls to translate into a sale.


[M] I'm developing a projected financial statement for my business.

[W] That's great. It will help you forecast periods where you might have financial problems.

[M] I'll also use it to see what kind of profits we can expect to yield this quarter.


[M] The financial statement will give you a good picture of your overall business health.

[W] I'll need a perspective on where my financial chal­lenges will be.

[M] The income statement will show you in detail how much money you need to make each day and where your expenses are.


[M] If my desired yearly income for running the business is $50,000, can you show me how much money the business will have to bring in to cover costs?

[W] Certainly. I'll need to see some data on typical expenses and profits associated with your kind of business.

[M] My business is unique. I don't know how realistic the chances are of getting good data.


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