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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

rejected training on track update successfully look up to hires generate conducted set up keep up with mentor


1. After the ads have been placed, and the interviews have been  , decisions have to be made. Who should the company bring onboard? Job offers are extended and they are either accepted or  . For those who accept the offer, the job search has been completed  . But for both the employer and the new hire, the job has just begun.
Companies want new employees to   new business and new ideas as soon as possible. Before they can do that, the new   need some  . All companies have unique expectations and methods of operating. Company trainers conduct workshops and seminars for both experienced and new workers.
All employees must prepare for the future and continuously   themselves in their field. Nowadays, workers are expected to   the latest trends and information. Otherwise, they fall behind.
Many companies   a mentoring program for new employees. The   is usually an experienced manager or employee and should be someone whom the new employee can  . Mentors often review goals and objectives with their mentorees and help them to stay  .

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