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Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used.


[M]  Does the health plan allow me to see a specialist immediately, or do I have to see my primary care provider first?

[W] If you go without your primary care provider's referral, you will incur a higher percentage of the total cost.

[M]  So, I would pay an increased portion of the bill.


[M]  I'm not happy about being forced to switch to an alternative health plan. I like the traditional plan.

[W] Come on, some of the new benefits of the new policy are great. We get a cash payback if we stay with a gym for a year as part of the preventive health program.

[M]  I'll have to admit I like that aspect of the plan.


[M] With all these choices, it's hard to pick the most suitable coverage for my family.

[W] Does your salary determine the cost of your insurance premium?

[M]  I don't know, but I want the best care, regardless of the cost.


[M] We hope you choose us as your company's health care provider, since we place an emphasis on the patient, not the cost.

[W] Our company needs a policy that will appeal to all of our personnel.

[M]  I appreciate your concerns and I'm sure we can satisfy all of your personnel's needs.


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