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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

evident aware restores irritates encourage catch up overview habit position illuminates distraction regularly


1. At least twice a year, Toshiro makes an appointment with his dentist. He′s   that taking good care of his teeth and seeing a dentist can help prevent the buildup of tarter and plaque that could cause serious problems later.
The dentist starts the appointment by looking over Toshiro′s chart, which details all the work that has been done on his teeth, as a way to   on Toshiro′s dental health. Toshiro brushes   but is not so regular about daily flossing. His dentist is trying to   a better flossing  , by demonstrating some easy-to-use techniques.
When the dentist is ready to look into Toshiro′s mouth, she adjusts the height and   of the chair to make sure she can see all of Toshiro′s teeth. A bright light   Toshiro′s eyes, but   the dark places in the back of his mouth. The dentist does a quick   of Toshiro′s mouth, looking for any obvious problems, such as a cavity or a broken tooth. The dentist asks if Toshiro has been having any problems, like tooth pain, bleeding, or soreness.
Sometimes, problems in the mouth are quite   and can be seen by the dentist′s trained eye. But other times, the dentist will take X-rays to make certain there are no problems in areas she cannot see, such as under the gum line or inside a tooth.
The dentist then goes to work, repairing any damage. She then   the natural color to his teeth with a thorough cleaning. The noise of the drills and cleaners can upset some patients, so Toshiro′s dentist is kind enough to supply earphones to provide a  .

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