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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

required reputations vary implies promise protect consider frequently coverage characteristics consequences expire


1. Warranties are a seller′s   to stand behind its products. Most major purchases like computers or cars come with a warranty, as do smaller purchases, like stereos or other electronic housewares. Warranties are not   by law, but are   found on most products. If you are making a purchase, you should   the individual   of a warranty, as each can   in the amount of   it provides. At the minimum, warranties are required to provide what the product   that it will do; for example, that a blender will blend or a hair dryer will dry hair. Most warranties are good for a fixed time, then they  . You can   yourself by buying products from companies with good   and taking good care of your new purchase. There are   to not taking care of a product as most warranties require that you use the product in a certain manner.

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