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Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

provide assurance agreement cancel obligates engaging determine parties abide by resolve specifies establishment


1. Contracts are an integral part of the workplace. In simple terms, contracts are an   between two or more   that   terms and   the parties to follow them. Contracts often include the amount that a client will pay contractors and what services will be provided. For example, in your office, you may have a contract that provides   that your copier machine or phones will be repaired within a certain amount of time. This service can either be done off-site or at your  . A contract often states ways to   if quality of work delivered is acceptable. Well-written contracts usually   ways to   problems like these when they happen. Before   in a contract, both parties should think carefully, as they will have to   the conditions specified in it. A contract usually specifies how the two parties can   it if either party fails to meet the terms.

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