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Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

M Would you choose to work for television instead of a newspaper?
W Never! Newspapers can cover a story much more thoroughly than television news shows can.
M That′s certainly a decisive answer. But I suppose your thirteen years as an investigative reporter for a newspaper gives you the authority to answer the question.
W Yes. It′s clear that newspapers can offer in-depth news in ways that television just can′t. It′s important for you, as a journalism student, to understand that.

1. How long has the woman worked as a newspaper reporter?
A. Thirteen years.
B. Thirty years.
C. Fourteen years.
D. Four years.
2. What is the man′s job?
A. Investigative reporter.
B. Journalism teacher.
C. Journalism student.
D. TV news reader.
3. According to the woman, why are newspapers better than TV news shows?
A. Newspaper stories are more interesting.
B. Newspaper editors are decisive.
C. Newspapers cover better stories.
D. Newspaper coverage is more thorough.
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