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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Audiences can′t stop talking about the Shakespeare Theater′s production of Romeo and Juliet. Reviewers have praised the director′s creative new approach to this timeless story. Shouldn′t you see it for yourself? Performances are at eight o′clock Thursday through Sunday evenings and at two o′clock on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Order your tickets by e-mail: tickets@shakespeare.org. Call 656-9025 for prices and other information, or visit our web site at www.shakespeare.org to read play reviews. Tickets are expected to sell out quickly, so order yours today. See Romeo and Juliet and experience the magic of live theater.

1. Where can reviews of the play be read?
A. In a magazine.
B. At the theater.
C. In a newspaper.
D. On a web site.
2. How can you get tickets to the play?
A. Call 656-9025.
B. Call the Shakespeare Organization.
C. Write to the theater.
D. Order them by e-mail.
3. When can a performance of Romeo and Juliet be seen?
A. On Thursday afternoon.
B. Today.
C. On Thursday evening.
D. On Sunday morning.
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