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Read the passages and choose the correct answer:

The newly released romantic comedy, West Wind, opens this week at the State Street Cinema. The combination of a great script with superb acting talent results in a movie that you won't soon forget. The show is entertaining from start to finish, and you'll still be laughing when you leave the theater. If you've been bored to tears by movies recently, don't give up on the cinema yet. Give West Wind a try. You're sure to love it.

West Wind continues at the State Street Cinema through next week with shows at 5:15, 7:00, and 9:15 nightly.


To:        Madeline Wrightwood

From:    Dan Green

Subject: Let's go to die movies

 Hi Maddy.

Did you see the review in today's paper of West Wind? I think it's worth seeing. I don't usually go for romances, but you know how I love comedies, and the description of this one sounds really good.

There's also an action movie playing next door, but I know you don't like that kind of movie, and I don't really, either. I can't leave work before 5:15, so we should go to the second show. I'd like to invite you to have dinner afterwards. I can make reservations at that restaurant you like for 9:00. We should make it there by then easily. Since we'll each be coining from work, we'll have to arrive at the theater separately. If you get there first, would you mind getting the tickets? Thanks.

See you tonight.


1. What is the reviewer′s opinion of the movie?
A. It's forgettable.
B. It's boring.
C. It's funny.
D. It's sad.

2. What kind of movie does Dan like?
A. Comedy.
B. Action.
C. Drama.
D. Romance.

3. What time does Dan want to go to the movies?
A. 5:15.
B. 9:00.
C. 7:00.
D. 9:15.

4. The word “entertaining” in the movie review is closest in meaning to ................
A. enjoyable
B. educational
C. lengthy
D. describing

5. The word “separately” in the e-mail, second paragraph, is closest in meaning to ................
A. slowly
B. alone
C. jointly
D. connected
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