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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Information for Travelers
* We make every effort to leave on time. To avoid (1)............... please plan to arrive at least one hour before your scheduled departure time. This is especially important because all passengers must pass through security control.
* Scissors, nail clippers, and other sharp instruments (2)............... on board. Leave these items at home or surrender them to the security officer in charge.
* Each passenger is allowed two small carry-on bags. Check your excess luggage with the attendant. You can claim it at the end of your trip.
* We request that passengers remain in the waiting area until the attendant (3)............... the embarkation time. Please don't attempt to board ahead of time.
* Your comfort is our priority. Snack service is available on board. Please ask the attendant for pillows and blankets if you require them.
Thank you for traveling with us. Have a safe and happy trip.

A. delays
B. delusions
C. deliveries
D. delights

A. are prohibiting
B. are prohibited
C. prohibits
D. prohibit

A. will announce
B. announce
C. does announce
D. announces
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