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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Welcome to flight one fifteen. We will begin embarkation in five minutes. Please have a valid passport and ticket ready to show the flight attendant as you board. The itinerary for our trip today includes a thirty-minute stop in Chicago before we continue on to Los Angeles. We are scheduled for takeoff in twenty minutes, and since the captain has announced that he expects no delays in our trip, we should be departing on time. Please remember that once you are on board the plane, use of cell phones is prohibited until after we have taken off. We will begin our beverage service soon after takeoff, and lunch will be served later on. Have a pleasant flight.

1. When will the flight leave?
A. In twenty minutes.
B. At nine o'clock.
C. At 1:15.
D. In five minutes.
2. What is not allowed before takeoff?
A. Dining.
B. Drinking.
C. Talking on the phone.
D. Selling things.
3. What do passengers have to show the flight attendant?
A. A passport.
B. A boarding pass.
C. An embarkation card.
D. A trip itinerary.
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