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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

A quick review of our catalog shows the variety and quality of the merchandise we carry, but it does nothing to draw attention to our competitive pricing. Competitive pricing is integral to our success. Customers want to minimize costs and maximize value. Remember our motto: we supply the best, you pay the least. In the future, our catalogs will reflect this motto by comparing our prices with those of our competitors. For selected items throughout the catalog, we will show the prices charged by competitors for the same or similar items. Some people may question this information, but it is guaranteed to be as accurate as possible. We will rely on careful research to obtain the pricing information we publish. Remember, honesty is the best policy. This information on competitors′ pricing will first appear in next winter′s catalog, available in January.

1. What is the company′s basic philosophy?
A. Outperform the competition.
B. High quality at low cost.
C. A good catalog can sell anything.
D. Unsurpassed customer service.
2. When will the catalog show a comparison of prices?
A. May.
B. January.
C. September.
D. December.
3. What is the topic of the talk?
A. High prices.
B. Company mottos.
C. Customer loyalty.
D. A weak point in the catalog.
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