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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Attention shoppers. If you′re looking for a true bargain, visit aisle seven for our sale on winter boots. All footwear is marked ten to forty percent off, this week only. At these prices, items won′t last long, so hurry and save now. While you′re at it, why not explore our other winter merchandise? We have coats scarves, hats, and lots of other items to keep you toasty warm and comfortable during the chilly winter weather. When you′re in the checkout aisle, don′t forget to ask for a frequent shopper card. Every time you visit the store and make a purchase, your card is marked. After ten visits, you will be eligible for a free gift! This is our way of saying, ′Thank you for shopping with us."

1. What items are reduced in price?
A. Hats.
B. Scarves.
C. Coats.
D. Boots.
2. What kind of merchandise does the store carry?
A. Clothing.
B. Gift items.
C. Winter sports equipment.
D. Work uniforms.
3. How many store visits are required to get a gift?
A. Nine.
B. Three.
C. Ten.
D. Four.
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